We'd Love to Feature Your Sketchnotes

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There isn't only one way to sketchnote. There are many different techniques and tools that people use to get to their final product. Some use paper and pencil while others use a tablet and stylus. So, in order to highlight these differences we'd like to see what you create. Do you have a sketchnote to share? Maybe one your child or student made? If so, share it with us and we'll post it on the blog. It doesn't matter the topic. It could be sketchnotes from a movie you watched, a podcast you listened to, a book you read, or a church sermon you heard.

Please save your sketchnote to a cloud-based service like Google Drive, Flickr, or Dropbox. Be sure the sketchnote's settings are set so we can see it. We'll visit the link and download the sketchnote.
Tell us a little about the sketchnote. What was the inspiration? What did you use to create it? Were there things you had difficulty with? Is there an area you want to focus your practice for your next sketchnote? If a child or student created the sketchnote, tell us a little about their process.